Transitional Space

Getting to Grips with the Art of Listening

Last month I discussed the basic requirements for (good) coaching to happen.
In a nutshell they were:

  1. Time & Space;
  2. Active Listening;
  3. Empathy;
  4. Contextualisation; and
  5. Powerful Questions.

If you notice the first four require attention and receptivity, whilst the final one requires some action. Obviously all of these key facets need some interaction but the first four do require a certain stillness, reflection and understanding.

Now, it may be that I suggest this because I’m more inclined to Introversion rather than being an Extrovert who favours action over reflection, movement over stillness and quietude. The essence of the first four requirements is listening with body, mind and spirit.

Let me quote from what I consider to be one of the world’s most wonderful and inspiring  books – Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. For those who haven’t had the pleasure it is about…

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