This week, at one of our regular information-sharing networking sessions, I met a self-proclaimed social media guru. To make matters worse, an associate, who should know better, introduced the newcomer as a marketing genius. (A marketing genius, really?)

You come across this accolade a lot these days—in the newspaper, on TV, on the internet. It often refers to an advertising, social media or publicity practitioner. Sometimes the press says it. Sometimes the would-be guru says it.

I know that advertising, social media or public relations practitioners can be geniuses in their own fields. It’s just that being a genius in one’s own field doesn’t make you a marketing genius. Each field is only a subset of the big marketing picture. Marketing is synonymous with marketing strategy not marketing communications.

Why is this important? 

This is important because these misrepresentations have diminished the meaning and value of marketing inside of many…

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