Security is a state of mind.

Today I was with my wife at one of the banks downtown.

18 ppl in line before us so we sat in the corner where the customer DIY terminals are placed 2 of them,
face fronting the clerkdesks and a nice wall behind you.
(swedish standard line is getting a “ticket” with a number and get called up)

Poweroutlets with 3-4 free sockets just begging to be populated 😉
Placement in the local where really nifty made to have a fair amount of privacy for your banking activities.
Thank you Nordea!

But FFS!

Poweroutlets, open RJ45 sockets, populated both of them with the 2 customer terminals….


Gimme your money =)

A nice and small AP, with sniff / route capabillities, and we are home free!
There where even a nice marketing board with brochures and a nifty hidden space to place the…

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