A Man With A Ph.D.

Slate’s going to figure out how to get them. And you, dear reader, are going to help us.
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When I was a college freshman in 1988—back when there were nine planets but no Web—I dropped by the office hours of my professor E.O. Wilson. Wilson was—and is—one of the greatest scientists in the world, but his evolutionary biology lecture class was a beloved gut course, an easy and delightful way for humanities majors to fulfill their science requirement. Eager and freshmanly, I told Wilson that I was an aspiring doctor or scientist and asked him for academic counsel. Wilson was kind and generous with the advice. If I wanted to go into science, he said, I needed to devote myself to a discipline now. “First specialize,” he said. “Then later, after you’ve specialized, you can become a generalist.”

It was the best…

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