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Self Branding Presentation pdf


Here is my presentation of my Self Branding strategic presentation.

The three main sections I am communicating include – A brand template (showing all of my traits and imagery/brands with similarity to my own), Brand Language (typography, shape, colour etc…) and the Brand name and product extension.

I have chosen my unique selling points as ‘Innovative, Driven, Considerate, and Trustworthy’ I have tried to keep a synergy between the three main sections as well as breaking each one of them down to give a deeper analysis.

My final brand name is ‘The Creative Jester’ as I feel the continuation of my archetype as well as incorporating the ideas from the template and language is effective. The design of the logo is based upon the original logo I created a while back representing my personal archetypes ‘The Jester and the Creative’.

As for my final product…

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