In 2009, City of Melbourne rebranded its identity and the one of its affiliate councils, to send a more cohesive message to its public, plus save a fair share of the public money that went into this. Once you’ll see the before and after logos below, you’ll understand why. I think they’ve done a damn good looking job – even if some might argue they could have done more, design wise -, for a city that’s been branded the world’s most liveable city. The work has been carried out by Landor Associates, a San Francisco based agency, with offices also in Sydney.

Here’s how they’ve seen it:


Melbourne is a dynamic, progressive city, internationally recognized for its diversity, innovation, sustainability, and livability. The City of Melbourne Council supports the city’s world-class offerings, represents it nationally and internationally, and ensures it remains a preeminent Australian center for culture, arts, dining, entertainment, education…

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