Martin Pasquier

We’ve all heard about « Hello, world ! » !

What’s new is when it’s Goldman Sachs saying this, wih a job offer for a « social media manager » posted this month. Well, if you skip the obvious « wow, nasty ! » reaction, this is really something that deserves thinking : how could social media help the « Dark Star » of finance change its image, show its inner richness and gain support in a moment when it seems desperately alone in the eyes of public opinion.

Here’s a proposal, and an application, to Goldman Sachs job offer. A social media methodology, more than a strategy (which can’t be written without having talked extensively with their management and communications department).

Why me ? I’ve been working 4 years in corporate communications on social media, and love challenges. This is a big one, but this is also something big for Goldman Sachs, as you don’t “go social”…

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