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I just received a used book I ordered, recommended from a Taxonomy reading list I found on Brian Seitz’s blog. The book is called “Principles of Semantic Networks”, edited by John F. Sowa, 1991. Semantic networks are branch of semantics, oriented around the semantic representation of concepts in a network graph, either directed or undirected graphs.

Other books I can recommend on networks and semantics:

Psycholinguistics, by Foss and Hakes, which discusses many concepts of brain, language, and communication, which can open up more possibilities for your semantic models.

Graphs and Applications, by Aldous and Wilson, which introduces the mathematics of networks and graphs, which is also related to polygon edges, faces, and vertices.

Data Structures Using…, by Tenenbaum and others, a series of books in several languages, introducing the basics concepts of linked lists, trees, graphs, and other data structures used in software. Choose the book…

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