Wandering Thoughts

We all have flaws.  That is mine.  No, my flaw is not that I AM right, but rather that there are times when I believe wholeheartedly that I am and I have a problem letting that go or accepting otherwise.  As my mom or little sister will readily offer, I have a hard time dropping things, specifically an argument.  For the most part, these “discussions” are usually more in the field of the objective rather than subjective, however the line blurs at times.  Also, I find myself only getting really wrapped up into this with people I’m really close to, never strangers.  I guess since I figure they’ll love me no matter what, why not “discus.”

Probably not one of my most attractive qualities, but hey, at least I know it’s there.  Acknowledgment of this flaw doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve worked to fix it.  I mean, why change it when…

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