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As mentioned in a recent post, I received and have read the book, “Principles of Semantic Networks”, edited by John Sowa. It is comprised of a number of chapters that are expansions of technical papers by a number of researchers in the subject, as well as the transcripts of a discussion between the authors. Though they never expand the idea of the sentence past the triple, it did give me some observations and important validations of our methodologies used at my company, Datura and its Semantic-Relational Database. For example:

  1. Though complex semantic meanings can be stored using many semantic triples in combination, it would be more efficient to add semantic constructs that expand on triples for exact knowledge meaning.
  2. Applying semantic techniques to databases or other data structures, and vice versa, allows methods from those parts of computer science to work together.
  3. Just because you can say it in a particular…

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