Toxins, Children and Education


Children are failing to thrive and learn.   People are pointing fingers at teachers, parents, curriculum, funding, drugs and youth culture.  What if environmental toxins are contributing to children’s problems?  The National Institutes of Health confirms that “the rates of obesity, asthma, autism, and some other common childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise, with no signs of abating”[i] and has launched the National Children’s Study to discover the causes of these rising health problems, including from chemical and biologic (environmental) sources.

We are exposing children to toxins in unprecedented quantity and variety, nearly all inadequately tested. In general, large center-city environments have more toxins at greater concentrations than other locales. We are observing widespread behavioral and learning problems in children in large cities without identifying direct causation.  This happened before with lead poisoning. People blamed each other for problems we now know were…

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