It’s been over 10 days since my last cigarette!
And it feels absolutely awesome!

The unbearable nicotine withdrawal symptoms peaked on the 3rd day and by the end of day 5 were barely noticeable.
The one thing that really reminded me about smoking was the light-headedness.
I never felt this way before, hence whenever I did I new instantly why…

It was physically and mentally difficult. I was constantly irritated, frustrated and very very angry.
Absolutely everything was driving me mad.
People were getting on my nerves by just being around…

I couldn’t believe how awful I felt. And I’m so happy it’s over now.

I guess it’s much easier now as I took up eating.
(…I guess LOL should follow…but it won’t!)

As much as I appreciate it’s not the end of the world – for someone who has 5 st of body fat to get rid of it’s…

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