It would be nice if the world thought rationally but we don’t. Our brain takes shortcuts, makes generalizations and jumps to conclusions. These shortcuts would have been useful back in the stone age but today they just lead to misjudgments and screw ups.

So we as human beings are irrational. Regardless of how bad it is we are stuck with this brain even if it is as obsolete as the commodore 64.

We have to deal with these irrational tendencies in ourselves and in others. But when it comes to other people being irrational there is one thing to keep in mind: You Can’t Reason With Irrationality

It’s futile to even try, reason and logic have no efficacy in the irrational psyche; anytime I see it happen I just cringe.

The area I see it a lot is with smoking. It seems that all non-smokers are out to argue and…

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