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A brewing firm has opened what it says is the largest new brewery in London since before the Second World War.

The Meantime Brewing Company’s £3 million development at its site in Greenwich will allow it to produce 17 million pints of craft beers a year when running at full capacity.

The brewery will produce 28 different styles of beers based on traditional recipes from the city’s brewing past, ranging from India pale ales to darker porters and stouts.

They say it is the largest facility built for beer in London since 1936.

Nick Miller, the firm’s chief executive, said the market was dominated by “pretty homogenous big-brand lagers, ales and stouts” but consumer demand for beers that are a bit different is stimulating the industry.

“What we are finding is that the consumers are demanding more variety in the beer brands that they are choosing,” he said.

“They are…

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