Using the Google DeskbarWritten by: The TutorOne comment, add yours!< Google ManualNote: The Google Deskbar works in Windows onlyThere’s plenty of talk about the Google Toolbar, but I don’t really hear much about the Google Deskbar. It’s a shame, as it’s really a great tool, does many of the same things as Toolbar, yet takes up only about an inch of your taskbar. I’m not sure as to why the lack of awareness–maybe because Google is really pushing the Toolbar.DeskbarIt doesn’t matter which brand of browser you are using–Explorer, Firefox, Opera or whatever–you’ll find the Google Deskbar makes it so simple to do quick searches, check your spelling, do a simple or complex calculation and more. What’s really great is that a browser does not even need to be open! And, even if one is, it does not even open up a new page in your browser. Instead, it uses an unobtrusive, small mini-viewer that you can modify to a size that works for you.Deskbar with Mini-viewerAnd while the built-in searches are cool enough, you can build your own custom “searches” to web sites that you frequent. And you can pass variables to the URL for a dynamic web page display!

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